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Read this important info if you have our old "legacy" 
Parallels Plesk sitebuilder from ElectricWeb Host...
All good things must come to an end. The company that made our old Sitebuilder (Parallels) recently announced that their sitebuilder has reached end of life and will no longer be supported. Because of this we stopped taking on new signups for it in August 2017. Any existing sites you've created with it will continue to remain online for as long as you keep your account active, but the old sitebuilder software itself (which you would need to make any new changes) will no longer be accessible after January 1, 2018. 

We recommend upgrading to our new web hosting on our new servers at with our brand new CRC sitebuilder asap so you can take advantage of the new tools and site templates. When you make this change, you will need to create an all new site, as there won't be a way to make changes to the old sites (since that old sitebuilder won't exist any more -- but the good news is that the new CRC Sitebuilder is much easier to use, the sites it creates are amazing, far superior to the old sites and they look awesome on mobile. 

Want to upgrade to our NEW System and get a brand new site like this? Scroll down for instructions!
1. Signup
Sign up for a NEW hosting account at Make sure to choose existing domain, and enter the correct domain that you own (without the www). and then follow the instructions to create your all new site! If your old domain was registered with us, we will assist to move it to your new account and re-point it to the new server.

2. Email Us
Click here to send us an email. Include your name, the domain name of your site and write from the email address that matches your old web hosting account (the same address your invoices are sent to). Tell us you've already opened a NEW site at MyCreditRepairSite and that you'd like  to cancel your old hosting account at ElectricWebHost (it won't cancel automatically).
3. Wait
3. Once we receive this email we will reach out to assist you! Please be sure to include all the info we need so we can cancel your old account and find your new account. Expect this process to take at least 1 business day. 
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